The Swatycomet Corporate Brand Becomes Weiler Abrasives

Swatycomet has been a member of the Weiler international group since 2015. The Weiler Abrasives Group has drawn up a new development strategy, with ambitious plans of becoming the leading company on the global abrasives market. More than ever, we are focused on our customers and on providing innovative, effective and comprehensive solutions for cutting, grinding and cleaning needs. As part of the strategy, all group companies will be renamed Weiler Abrasives at the end of September 2018, operating in the future under the common Weiler corporate brand.


In October Swatycomet d.o.o. has been renamed to Weiler Abrasives d.o.o. All other company information such as the address, ID no. for VAT and banking details remain the same. Furthermore, all general terms and conditions of operation and all contracts made remain valid without amendment. 

It is our mission to be a partner to end users of our products and to all business partners that we work with. This undertaking is an integral part of the Weiler corporate brand, which enables us to create a better future for our employees, our business partners and the environments where we operate. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and will strive to expand it further in the future. 

Best regards,

Jože Kaligaro,
Managing Director



  • Bearing

  • Gear

  • Hot-pressed
    grinding wheels

  • Cutting-off wheels
    for all typs of steel

  • Cutting & grinding 
    wheels with ceramic

  • Flap discs and
    spindle mounted wheels

  • ULTRACUT thin
    cutting-off wheels

  • Flap discs
    with double flaps

  • Cutting & grinding wheels 
    for aluminium

  • LBD 230-MAX

  • Flap discs
    for welding joints

  • CNC grinding -
    Hybrid bonds

  • Grinding rolls
    for rolling wire

  • Spring ends

  • Maintenance
    of railway tracks

  • Roll grinding

  • Centerless
    grinding wire

  • Centerless

  • Grinding with CBN-V
    in tool industry

  • Surface grinding
    harder materials

  • Grinding wheels
    for grinding
    band saws

  • Tool Grinding
    in wood industry

  • Superabrasives
    cut-off tools

Мы побуждаем творческую активность

Стимулирование творческой активности – наша постоянная задача. Ваши потребности диктуют направления нашего развития. В творческом союзе с Вами рождаются инновационные решения, позволяющие облегчить Вашу работу и вывести ее на качественно новый уровень.

У нас есть решения

Одно из наших достоинств – широкий ассортимент всех видов абразивных инструментов и технических тканей. Богатый спектр товаров и услуг, а также технологическое превосходство позволяют нам принимать самое активное участие в создании новинок абразивной промышленности. Для Ваших задач у нас всегда найдется правильное решение.

Мы предоставляем комплексные услуги

Опираясь на многолетний опыт и обширные знания, мы предоставляем технические консультации, повышающие ценность Ваших услуг и способствующие достижению Ваших целей.

Weiler’s mission is to partner with our customers and distributors to ensure their businesses stay productive and profitable. Our people, products and our strong desire to win deliver a competitive edge for our partners. Weiler products are designed with productivity in mind.

Weiler shares your goals of growth and profitability. For both, you need the right tools for the job. We don’t just supply those products — we work with you to create solutions. Because that’s what you deserve from a partner.

Weiler. Your partner in success.

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