We have obtained the certificate of a Family-Friendly Company

Swatycomet, which is uniting 900 colleagues, has received the certificate of a Family-Friendly Company. This has bound us to even greater social responsibility towards our employees and even greater reconciliation of work and family or private life. In the beginning of this year we accepted 13 measures intended to responsibly promote employee satisfaction and increase the effectiveness of the company.

The accepted measures to obtain the certificate are an upgrade of the various existing, long established efforts of our company to increase motivation and the loyalty of the employees. Swatycomet is well aware that employees are a key part of a company and we devote a lot of our attention to them. The main projects of the company are therefore based on our employees, their professionalism and commitment. We invest heavily in health promotion and education, and encourage the exchange of knowledge among colleagues. We are also devoted to professional progenies, so we hold open company scholarships and cooperate with educational institutions and students. We employ workers connected by common values, such as honesty, responsibility, knowledge and professionalism, reliability and proactivity.

With a view to further the achievement of the set direction, Swatycomet has at the end of last year took up the project to obtain the certificate of a Family-Friendly Company. The holder of the project is the Ekvilib Institute, a non-profit and independent organization, operating in the areas of social responsibility, human rights and development cooperation. By obtaining the basic certificate we have undertaken to implement all 13 of the proposed measures, which will contribute to a more stimulative and pleasant working environment with the objective of further successful development.
The introduction of a Family-Friendly Company certificate is a long-term advisory procedure. It provides positive effects, which go beyond the reconciliation of the work and private life of the employees. They result in an increase in an employee’s satisfaction, the competitive advantage of the company, the positive economic effects for the company and the long-term benefits for the company.

“The operation Certificate of a Family-Friendly Company is partially financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union.”

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