Research & development

WEILER ABRASIVES encourages innovation at every step and is always open to new ideas, providing concrete incentives for creativity. In our developmental processes, teamwork is of primary importance and effective solutions are developed by integrating various areas of know how. WEILER ABRASIVES also continually cooperates with leading research institutions and experts that bring us new knowledge and different views.

The company intensely invests in the development of new technologies and products and continually improves the quality of its existing ones. The cutting and abrasive properties of its products are improved at an in-house R&D laboratory by employing detailed and high level professional analyses, bringing ever new products and services in response to the requirements of the global market.

Innovative activities are developed within the framework of the Idea Management system. A method for continual improvements called KVP2 was also introduced in all areas of our business operations. Our objective is to involve as many employees as possible in these efforts, so that a creative and motivating atmosphere will spread throughout the company.

Our investments in development and continual striving to find new solutions are also reflected in the company’s accomplishments. It regularly participates in competitions for the best innovations, earning various awards and prizes. Our main goal is to develop high quality and effective solutions that will serve the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.

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